How to End Panic Attacks - Temporary Fixes

In a minute I'm going to share with you one of the things that truly helped me. What I have learned about anxiety and panic is that you don't overcome them by coping. We are taught many strategies that help us cope, but they only work temporarily. How many of the fallowing things have you tried, but continue to have anxiety?

  • Deep breathing
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Distraction
  • Fighting it with will power
  • Self talk
  • Thinking positive
They are only coping mechanisms - temporary fixes. Yes they help for a time, but if you still have anxiety it's evident that most traditional techniques don't work completely, or most importantly - get rid of it for good!

What works

If fighting the fear, pushing it away, and distracting yourself doesn't work, then what does? The OPPOSITE! Allowing the fear to increase, welcoming it, and focusing on it. As counter intuitive as that sounds, it works! I can't go into every detail on one of the methods that I learned here in Panic Away, but the next time you feel a panic attack starting, try this effective technique:
  • Observe the fear and sensations. Let them flow through you without trying to push them away or distract yourself from them. Just be with them and focus on your body and mind.
  • Embrace the fear. Welcome the anxiety, allow it increase in strength. Changes your attitude from rejection to acceptance, rendering the fear powerless. When the fear is as strong as it can be...
  • Demand more! More fear, more symptoms - bring on the panic! By wanting more, you destroy any resistance. The fear is allowed to to fully pass through you. If something bad will happen, then let it happen now and get it over with! By not resisting, you are in control.
  • Finally, trust that you are OK and secure. Repeat the process and trust that it cannot hurt you because you have allowed it to become it's worse, and you are still OK. Trust that you will be able to handle it again if it ever comes. 
Video Instructions

    Hope you found this helpful and give it a try. :) Click here to find out more ways that helped me cure my panic attacks!  If you found this helpful, why not share it with your friends using one of the boxes bellow! :)

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