My Story and What Helped Me Cure Panic Attacks

Hey Dan here. If you’re the looking for the best way to end anxiety and panic then I’m happy you found this and highly suggest you keep reading… This is my short story of when I had anxiety, the ups and down, and finally what helped me CURE it when nothing else worked.

A few years ago I was at school, sitting at my desk in psychology class. Suddenly for no apparent reason I immediately became afraid, the room felt like it was moving, my heart was pounding, stomach nauseous, hands shaking, and there was an intense feeling of impending doom. I felt like I was dying and didn’t know why! After leaving class I eventually calmed down but for the rest of the day I felt dissociated, like I was a robot and nothing around me was real, and exhausted.

I later found out that I had a panic attack, and for the next year they would be a familiar thing. Over time I became scared of irrational things, and avoided situations that triggered anxiety. Public places, germs, certain foods, drugs, body sensations, situations that left me feeling out of control like bus rides. So many things caused me to experience irrational fear. I literally had anxiety about something EVERY SINGLE DAY! OCD that I had as a child also became to come back. Not only was it bad in the moment, it ruined my social life because I stopped going out with friends and doing things that scared me.

Finally I had enough! I tried so many things: Counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, reading websites and books, relaxing herb teas, deep breathing, mental exercises, and medication wasnt an option because I was to afraid of possible side effects. After several months of all that, I was still anxious!!! Everything I was being taught was how to cope with anxiety, not eliminate it. Then I found a book that changed my life! It’s called Panic Away. Even though I didnt like some of the techniques, I couldn’t believe how well they worked. Since then, I haven’t had a single panic attack in over TWO YEARS and rarely if ever get anxiety!
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